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11 Reasons Why You Should Read Dark Nights: Metal (Spoilers!)

Here are 11 reasons why you should be reading Dark Nights: Metal.


1a) For fans over 30: The Justice League forms Voltron.
1b) For fans 30 and under: The Justice League forms Megazord.

2) Aquaman’s hook-arm re-enters continuity. Sort of. (See the 90s.)

3) Scott Snyder attempts to accomplish what no one at DC has been able to do before: Make sense of Hawkman’s continuity.

4) The heroes actually use a copy of Grant Morrison’s Multiversity map.

5) Greg Capullo is drawing it.

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6) The Red Tornado is back!

7) The title is really shiny.

8) Dream of the Endless, the second Sandman from Vertigo Comics, appears in the cliffhanger.

9) The Blackhawks are back!

10) Barbatos — the ancient bat demon summoned by Thomas Jefferson, which later turned out to be an Apokoliptian monster that Darkseid sent to hunt Batman through history — is back!

11) Pastic-Man has had cameos in Dark Days: The Forge, and now in Dark Nights: Metal. He’s going to play a role before this thing runs it course.

Get your copy of Dark Nights: Metal at Area 52… because it’s probably sold out everywhere else!

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