About Us

Area 52 Comics and Games opened our doors in November 2014. Our goal is to provide a family-friendly, safe place for our friends (a.k.a. “you”) to relax, play games, read, and just let their inner geek out.


New comics release each Wednesday; we make it a point to have all your favorites ready on the big wall the second they release. We order a wide range of variant covers for collectors who are looking for something special to add to their collection. In addition to our New Release Wall, we carry thousands of back issue comics that span decades of comic history.

Pull-box subscriptions

With our pull-box subscription service, you never have to worry about your favorite comics going out of stock. Just talk to any of staff, and we’ll set up your personal pull list. We’ll order comics just for you and hold them until you’re ready to pick them up. There are no minimum order amounts, and you pay for the comics when you pick them up. It’s really that simple!

Free Comic Book Day

Each year on the first Saturday of May, we hold our annual FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. During this event, we have special guests, contests, prizes, surprises — and of course we give away thousands of free comics.

Tabletop Games

We carry a wide selection of tabletop games including board games, miniature games, card games, party games, and everything in between. Our gaming area is always open for players that want to play their own games, or try out one of demo copies.


Our event calendar is always changing, but we typically hold weekly events along with large events for special occassions.

Weekly Events

Friday Night Magic – Join us each Friday for a casual Magic tournament in a safe, friendly environment.

Board Game Night – Join us each Saturday for board game night starting at 6:30 PM. Bring one of your own games or try out a demo game from our large selection of games.

Other Events

We hold other events including Prereleases for MTG, Force of Will, and other games; SCG IQs; Warhammer tournaments; monthly X-Wing tournaments; and more! Join us on Halloween weekend for our annual Costumed Board-Game Extravaganza and Pot Luck Dinner. Keep an eye on our Events page for the complete schedule of upcoming events.

There are also many player-ran RPG nights at the store.

Store Info

We’re located in Oakwood, GA in the College Square Shopping Center. We’re located right off of Exit 16 on I-985, just a block from University of North Georgia (Oakwood).


Area 52 Comics and Games
3640 Mundy Mill Rd, Ste 140
Oakwood, GA 30504

Email and Social Media

Email:  info@area52comics.com
Facebook:  facebook.com/area52comics
Twitter:  @area52comics



Store Hours

SUN:  Noon – 8 PM
MON – THU:  10 AM – 9 PM
FRI:  10 AM – Midnight
SAT: 10 AM – 11 PM

Magic The Gathering

We carry all the major products for the current and recent sets including booster packs, Fat Packs, Gift Boxes, accessories, and more.


We have a wide range of MTG singles ranging all the way from legacy staples to the hottest cards in standard format.

Sell your Magic cards!

We’re always willing to buy new cards to add to our supply. We make cash offers for all cards brought into the store.

MTG Events

Along with Friday Night Magic, we also run many special Magic events including:

Prerelease Events – join one of our Prerelease events to try out the new set and acquire new cards a week before they arrive in stores.

Prelininary Pro Tour Qualifier – We run a PPTQ each season. The winners of these competitive tournaments receive cash prizes and a free entry to the Pro Tour Qualifer.

Star City Games IQ – Similar to the PPTQs, Star City Games holds competitive tournaments for cash prizes and a free entry to the SCG Invitational tournament.

MTG Game Day – This FREE tournament takes place a few weeks after a new set is released. It is played under casual rules and provides a fun event for new players and veterans alike. All participants get special Game Day promo cards. The top eight players receive another special promo card. The winner gets an exclusive Champion playmat.