Amonkhet – Trials of the Gods

On their search for Nicol Bolas, the Gatewatch arrived on a harsh desert plane. They discovered a shielded city-oasis being protected by five gods that walked among the people. There, citizens devote their lives training for the trials of the gods to ultimately earn a place in the promised Afterlife.

And what about you, Planeswalker? You may be a visitor to this strange land of Amonkhet, but you’ve never been one to back down from a challenge. Complete the Five Trials of the Gods and earn your place among the worthy.

The Five Trials of the Gods

Starting at Prerelease and continuing on Amonkhet Launch Day, players can attempt to fulfill the Five Trials. They are:

  • The Trial of Solidarity
    Bring a friend to a Magic event at Area 52.
  • The Trial of Knowledge
    Play in a Standard format event at Area 52.
  • The Trial of Strength
    Play in an Amonkhet Sealed event at Area 52.
  • The Trial of Ambition
    Play in an Amonkhet in-store league at Area 52.
  • The Trial of Zeal
    Play in an Amonkhet Draft event at Area 52.

The Five Trials of the Gods

To the Worthy Go the Spoils

After completing each Trial, players will receive a special four-sided counter. However, there are only so many spaces available among the champion scrolls. Competitors are encouraged to complete the Trials quickly, or they may see another walk away with the coveted prizes.

A Note About Strength

Prerelease events count as the “Sealed Event” requirement in the Trial of Strength. In each Prerelease pack, players will find a special blue 20-sided Spindown Life Counter as their reward for completing the Trial.

Where to compete

You can start your Trials by attending one our Prerelease events at Area 52 Comics and Games. We’re running events at Saturday (Midnight), Saturday (6 PM), and Sunday (3 PM). Visit us at:

Area 52 Comics and Games
3640 Mundy Mill Rd Ste 140
Gainesville, GA 30504

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