What is Free Comic Book Day?

Free Comic Book Day is a single day when we give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into the shop!

When is it?

Free Comic Book Day is always the first Saturday in May. This year, that falls on Saturday, May 6th!

Are they really free?

Yes! Each visitor will be able to choose five free comics while supplies last.

What comics will you have?

If you’re a human being, we’ll have a comic for you. If you like superhero comics, Marvel and DC never disappoint. They’re bringing special copies of Secret Empire, Wonder Woman, and other great comics.

Like sci-fi? We’ll have it. Anime fan? Yep, that too. We have video game comics. Cartoon comics. Spy comics. Tons of kids’ comics. There will be comics for everyone!


Free Comic Book Day Sale!

  • Back-Issue Comics
    $1 - $2
  • Action Figures
    50% OFF
  • Funko Pop! Figures
    Buy 2 get 1 free
  • Statues
    25% OFF
  • All Board Games
    25% OFF

Special Guest – Dean Trippe

Our long-time friend Dean Trippe will be joining us for Free Comic Book Day between noon and 4 PM.

Writer and illustrator of Something Terrible, an autobiographical book about childhood trauma and superheroes intended for grown-ups; contributor to the Eisner and Harvey Award winning anthology Comic Book Tattoo; creator of the superhero webcomic Butterfly, illustrator of Power Lunch Vols. 1 & 2 kids’ graphic novels; co-founder of Project: Rooftop; co-host of The Last Cast and The Bat Cast podcasts. Dean’s artwork can be found on recent covers of Archie and Josie and the Pussycats.




Comics and Costumes

Each guest will be able to pick 5 comics for Free Comic Book Day — but, if you dress up like your favorite comic hero, you can get 7 comics instead!

Prize Giveaways

Visit our ticket booth for a chance to win some cool prizes. This year, we’re giving away:

  • 12 inch Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne) Action Figure
    In the alternate Flashpoint reality, Thomas Wayne witnessed his son’s murder by the hand of a random thug. Since that day, he has become Batman, a masked gun-toting vigilante determined to bring down criminals through whatever means are necessary. This week, Thomas Wayne makes his return in Batman #22 as Batman (Bruce Wayne) and the Flash become trapped in the grim alternate reality of Flashpoint.

    This action figure is 12 inches tall. It has interchangeable hands and accessories. It can be posed in many ways. And it can be yours for free on Free Comic Book Day!


  • DC Comics Jim Lee Batman Action Figure (SDCC 2015 Exclusive)
    World renowned comic book artist, Jim Lee, brings his extraordinary vision of Batman to life in this exclusive pencil deco Batman action figure sculpted by Jack Mathews. Encased in an intricately designed package, each Batman figure includes an original Jim Lee print.


  • Free Comics for a Year
    One lucky winner will receive free comics for a year! If you win this prize, we’ll give you one free comic (up to $4.99) a month for 12 months!