Galaxy in Flames: Fate of Konor

Galaxy in Flames: Fate of Konor

Ultramar burns. The putrid warbands of the Death Guard, led by the Daemon Primarch Mortarion, have launched a furious assault upon the Ultramarines’ stellar empire. This eruption of all-out war threatens to drown the stars themselves in bloodshed and terror. Yet all hope is not lost. In a series of bloody battles, the armies of the Imperium  have reclaimed many worlds thought lost, forcing their hated foes to retreat and regroup.

Mission 2: Seek and Destory

Mission 2 has been revealed! This week’s mission takes place on Konor itself. Throughout the week, participating ELITE units will earn bonus points for their respective factions.

What is Galaxy in Flames: Fate of Konor?

Fate of Konor is a global Warhammer 40,000 campaign. On each Thursday of the six-week event, a new mission and planet will be revealed. Players can support the Imperium or Chaos forces by participating in the weekly mission or painting new units each week. Results will be tallied at the store and uploaded to the battle logs at Your results, along with players from around the world, will determine the fate of Konor in the Warhammer 40,000 universe!

How do I play?

You can sign up at Area 52 Comics and Games or other participating game stores. At Area 52, we will get your name and army info and log all your victories at the store. You can play matches at the store or at home and report them. Make sure to get the results in before Thursday of each week – you want your victories to matter!

Two ways to earn points

You can earn points in two ways. Each week, a new planetary mission will be revealed. Imperium of Chaos army wins earn points for their respective factions. Xenos armies choose who to support by taking points away from the Imperium or Chaos forces with each victory.

Warhammer 40,000 hobbiest can also join the fun. Each week, players can paint units to earn points for their faction (or subtract points from a faction if you’re playing a Xenos army.)  Each completed unit can only be submitted once, but you can submit several units each week.

Each week, there will be a bonus unit type. If you have one of these units in a victorious army or if you paint a unit of that type, you earn bonuses for your faction.

To the victor belongs the spoils

Participants in the event will receive special prizes. We have dice bags, wristbands, wound markers, stickers, buttons, and other swag to hand out to participating players.

When do we play?

You can play matches anywhere as long as you report in before Thursday of each week. We have Sunday reserved as a special day for Warhammer. Players looking for a match can visit the store and be sure to find someone to play with.


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