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Magic League Results

Thanks for everybody who participated in Magic League Amonkhet. Here are the results.

Jeffrey swept in every category, with Dwayne coming in a close second. Matt Morris won our random drawing. Each will receive an Amonkhet Worthy Challenger playmat. For having the most overall points, Jeffrey will also win a $25 Area 52 gift card!


Overall Points

  1. Jeffrey (25)
  2. Dwayne (20)
  3. Denton (18)

Games Played

  1. Jeffrey (13)
  2. Denton (12)
  3. Dwayne (11)

Most wins

  1. Jeffrey (12)
  2. Dwayne (9)
  3. Denton (6)

Best Win/Loss Ratio

  1. Jeffrey (92.3%)
  2. Dwayne (81.8%)
  3. Sam (62.5%)


Coming Soon

We learned a lot from this league and will be tightening up a few things on our next run (Prize structure, point system, communication, etc.) Keep an eye on our web page or social media feeds more more info when we start the next league!

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