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Magic League – Everything you need to know

Magic League begins on Monday, May 1. Join the League to play fun casual matches of Magic the Gathering in a new way that everyone can enjoy!

What is Magic League?

Magic League is a four-week event featuring fast-paced games where you’re in control of how often you play and who you want to match up against. Getting started is easy. You’ll get three booster packs and build a 30-card deck out of the most exciting cards inside, plus basic lands.

Who is Magic League for?

The quick answer is — everybody! The Magic League is designed so that everyone can play fun matches at their own level. Veteran players will be challenged to make decks out of their limited card pools while newer players will have the opportunity to add more cards to their pools quickly to build stronger, more competitive decks.

Happy Magic Players

Happy Magic Players

How does it work?

On the first week, you’ll be given 3 Amonkhet booster packs. You will use these boosters to build a 30-card deck (don’t forget to include basic lands!) You will use this deck to play best of one matches with other members in the League. In between matches, feel free to remake your deck using any of the cards in your card pool. As you play, you’ll earn the opportunity to add more boosters to your card pool.

How to add more boosters to your pool?

  • Each week you can add one more booster pack to your card pool.
  • Every time you lose three matches, you can add another pack to your pool

We’ll track wins and losses on League cards provided at the store.

Three MTG Packs

What three MTG booster packs may look like.


[updated 5/3/2017]

Magic League matches can be played at any time you and another League member are in the store. Magic League matches differ from Regular Magic the Gathering matches in the following ways:

  • All matches are only one game — not the best out of 3
  • Players use 30 card decks (not 40 or 60)
  • The first mulligan is free.
  • Players are strongly encouraged, but not required, to avoid playing the same player twice in a row.

Scoring and Points

[updated 5/3/2017]

Each player should have receive a score sheet to record their opponents and Wins, Losses, or Ties. Scoring is simple:

  • Each game played earns 1 point.
  • Each win earns an additional point.
  • Bonus points may be awarded for completing special challenges (to be revealed at a later date.)
  • At the end of the league, the players who have the Most Wins, Most Games Played, and best Win/Loss Ratio (requires at least 4 games per week) will receive a 10 point bonus.

It is important that each player records their matches so we can award the proper points. Score sheets should be left at the store, preferably in your Magic League Deck Box.

What does it cost?

Entry fee for the league is $15. This includes the first three booster packs and a box to store your League cards. The first three boosters you buy as part of the League each week will cost only $3 instead of the usual $3.99.


Magic League is designed to be a fun, casual event — not a competitive event. The goal is to have fun! We will be giving out certificates for most points, most games played, and for the best win/loss ratio. We’ll also be throwing in a few prizes along the way and something special for the people with the most points at the end of the event.

Winner Is You

You this could be!

Ok, I’m in! When do we start?

Magic League begins Monday, May 1. The official meetup times for League play will be at 6:00-9:00 PM each Monday, but you can still play League matches any time while you’re at the store. Scores and records will be posted on our website and on social media each Sunday (originally Wednesday).

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