Magic Origins

Magic Origins Midnight Prerelease

The Prerelease is your first chance to come out and play with the new cards. You can come out, get your hands on Magic Origins cards before anybody else, and explore the reaches of the Multiverse. Magic Origins is a set truly unlike any other—are you ready?

WHEN:  MIDNIGHT following Friday Night Magic on July 10

Sealed Event ($25)

Each participant will get a sealed Prerelease pack to construct their decks. Each pack contains:

  • One special Rare of Mythic Rare promo card
  • A seeded card pack of the colors of their choice
  • Magic Origins booster packs
  • A special spin-down life counter
  • A special story booklet for your chosen Planeswalker with special achievements you can attempt to complete

MTG Dice

Open Dueling

If the idea of spending a day playing a tournament scares you, or if you have less time and just want to experience some low-key games with Magic Origins, you can get involved in Open Dueling.

In these events, you get a ready-to-play 60-card Intro Pack and use it to do battle against others participating in Open Dueling, including players participating in the main tournament who are between rounds! This is a great way to dip your toe into the water if you aren’t sure the Prerelease is something you want to do, or if you can’t commit five hours to a Prerelease event, you can just play games in Open Dueling at your own leisure. Plus, it’s fun!


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