FCBD 2015


FCBD 2015

On May 2, AREA 52 COMICS AND GAMES will be giving away over 2500 free comics.

The biggest comic event this year won’t be found on-screen or at a large convention – it will be held in Oakwood, Georgia and admission will be 100% free! Read more

Area 52 Comics and Games Outside view

Super Secret Black Friday Sales Event

That’s right! Even though we just opened, we’re having a Super Secret Black Friday Sales Events!

Here are the details:

25% off on:

  • Board Games
  • Miniature games and accessories
  • Dice, dice bags, deck boxes, sleeves, binders
  • Toys and action figures
  • RPG source books and accessories
  • All trade paperbacks and graphic novels

Not enough? Okay, how about:

50% off on all back issue comics!

MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and MLP boosters 3 for $10!

  • 10% off on all marked prices on Commander decks and other CCG products!

And don’t forget to stick around for MTG on Friday Night!