New Comics – July 19, 2017

Batman fights to survive the War of Jokes and Riddles. Captain America is still the bad guy in Secret Empire #6. The X-Men astonish in Astonishing X-Men #1. Get your first look at Disney’s new Duck Tales and more in this week’s comic spotlight.

New Comics – May 3, 2017

With Free Comic Book Day right around the corner, publishers are pulling no punches this week. This Wednesday, we are get an iconic issue of Batman and diving deep into Marvel’s Secret Empire. Lots of new number ones this week including Jean Grey, Bane, Black Bolt, and even Funko TMNT. What a great week to be a comics fan!

Free Comic Book Day Comics Preview

Free Comic Book Day is May 6th! Here is the full list of comics that we will be giving away on the first Saturday of May!

Blurred Sign

What’s New For September – Contests, Incentives, and More!

This month, we’re making a few changes. Let’s get right to the good stuff.

Free Comics for a Year

Each month, one lucky customer will get a free subscription to their favorite comic for a year! Every time you buy three comics, you will get a ticket. Save this ticket! At the end of the month, we’ll hold a drawing. For the next twelve months, we’ll order a personal copy of your favorite comic book that you can pick up at your leisure.

Pull List Subscription Discount

Starting on 9/8/2016, all pull list subscribers will get 10% off their comic orders!

What is a pull list subscription?

We offer pull list subscriptions as a free service to our customers. Just tell us what comics you’d like to reserve, and we’ll order a special copy just for you. We’ll hold them for up to three months in your personal pull box. You pay for the comics when you pick them up. It’s really that simple. There are no minimum amount to order and you can change up your list at any time.


Free Magic the Gathering Bundles!

Starting this month, for every three booster packs of Magic the Gathering (or any other CCG) boosters you buy, you’ll also get a ticket. Every two months we’ll draw a winner to receive a free bundle of the current Magic set or a similar product from any other collectible card game we have in stock.

What’s a Magic Bundle?

Bundles are the new and improved Fat Packs. Instead of the nine-booster Fat Packs, the new Bundles will contain:

  • A reusable box for card storage
  • An 80-card land pack
  • 10 booster packs
  • 1 Spindown life counter
  • Rules reference card
  • And a Player’s Guide that includes an encyclopedia of every card from the current set

Kaladesh Bundle

Store Events

Magic Events

  • Kaladesh Prerelease Weekend is September 24-25. We’ll be announcing our full schedule of Prerelease events soon.
  • Kaladesh Launch is Friday, September 30. Join us for a special night of drafting as we break in the new set.
  • Friday Night Magic runs at 7PM every Friday. Join our community of MTG players at our weekly $5 standard tournament. Everybody wins at least one pack of the current set!
  • We’ll be adding a Modern event to our lineup, so stay tuned for more details.

Saturday Board Game Night

Join us each Saturday for Board Game Night at 6:30 PM. Board Game Night is a casual event. Anybody is welcome to come in and test drive our board games or bring their own. Occasionally, we’ll run special nights for particular games.

  • Tabletop Games

    7 Wonders

  • Tabletop Games


  • Tabletop Games

    Batman: Love Letter

  • Tabletop Games


  • Tabletop Games



Star Program

We will be discontinuing our Star Program from Square at the end of September. Until then, you can continue to earn stars by making a purchase of $10 of more. Each time you get 5 stars, you will earn a discount on your next purchase.

Saga 37

Comic Roundup – Aug 31, 2016

Saga returns from its hiatus! Han Solo continues his deadly race. The TMNT team up with an old enemy. And we finally learn why Ant-Man is in jail… again. It’s the Area 52’s Comic Round-up for Aug 31st!

Comic Roundup – June 8

New Rebirth, Civil War, and plenty new titles hit the shelves this week. The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Amazing Spider-Man, Darth Vader, Poe Dameron, and more!

Superman Rebirth #1 Close-up

DC Rebirth – Week 2

This week, we get our first glimpse of our favorite heroes in DC’s new universe. Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lanterns, and Superman all get Rebirth #1 specials this week!

New Comics Today!

New comics hit the shelves every Wednesday. Bookmark this page to check for your favorites each week!