MTG Game Day Results

Congrats Alex Huckeba on winning the very last MTG Game Day ever!

The top 8 were:

  1. Alex Huckeba
  2. Steve Jordan
  3. Arthur Leslie
  4. David Beverly
  5. Eloy Zepeda
  6. Scott Sims
  7. Matteus Cuadros
  8. Dwayne Ludlam

MTG GAME DAY: Zombies vs Emrakul Challenge

How do you defeat an Eldrazi overloard? With a massive hoard of zombies of course! (Because why not?) Players can recruit zombies by completing challenges posted at Area 52.

Each zombie provides two benefits:

  1. Each zombie a player recruits serves as one entry for the reward when Emrakul is defeated
  2. Each zombie on the board increases the reward (an Area 52 gift card) by $1.

It’s not too late to recruit more zombies. We’re even adding new Game Day Bonus Challenges to give people the edge they need to defeat Emrakul.


Current Challenges:

  • Pay madness cost 10 times in a single game
  • Deck yourself
  • Counter 10 spells in one game
  • Turn a Planeswalker into a land
  • Win a game with 20 lands
  • Flip Chandra
  • Deal lethal damage with a land
  • Unmake Avacyn with Anguished Unmaking
  • Win a game with no rares or mythics
  • Meld Gisela and Bruna
  • Imprison Emrakul in the moon.


Game Day bonus challenges:

  • Attend Game Day (1 zombie)
  • Make the top 8 in Game Day (1 zombie)
  • Win Game Day (3 zombies!)

With Emrakul defeated, Innistrad will be saved… assuming you feel safe among a mindless army of zombies.



MTG Game Day Eldritch Moon is Saturday, August 13. The event starts at 2 PM. Game Day is a FREE tournament. Players can test their new standard decks to see who becomes the Eldritch Moon Store Champion. Here are the prizes for the Eldritch Moon Game Day events:

After the first round, ALL players in the event will receive a special full-art Unsubstantiate card.

The top 8 players in the event will receive a full-art foil Heron’s Grace Champion card!

The winner of the Game Day event will receive a Game Day Championship playmat featuring Liliana!

Dragons of Tarkir Game Day

Game Day Mat

Dragons of Tarkir GAME DAY is Saturday, April 18.  See how you match up against the local community, earn prizes, and maybe even become Area 52’s champion!

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Fate Reforged GAME DAY

Fate Reforged Game Day is Saturday, February 14.  See how you match up against the local community, earn prizes, and maybe even become a champion! Read more


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