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Aug 12th Modern PPTQ Results

Forty-eight players competing in our Modern PPTQ. Here are the Top Eight players and their deck lists.

PPTQ July 31

Area 52 PPTQ Results – July 31, 2016

Thanks everybody who came out for our Modern PPTQ on July 31st! Here are the top 8 decks.

PPTQ Dublin

PPTQ – July 31 at Area 52

Area 52 Comics and Games will be hosting one of the first PPTQs of the new season! Join us for a day of competitive Magic this Sunday. This could be one lucky winner’s winner first step to the Pro Tour in Dublin!

Essential Information

Where: Area 52 Comics and Games
3640 Mundy Mill Rd Ste 140
Gainesville, GA 30504
Date: Sunday, July 31, 2016
Time: Registration: 9 AM
Player Meeting and Start: 10 AM
Entry Fee: $25
Format: Modern
Prizes: 1st: $250 and PTQ entry
2nd: $100
3rd-4th:  12 booster packs of Eldritch Moon
5th-8th:  6 booster packs of Eldritch Moon

PPTQ Players

Helpful tips

Deck Registration Sheets

Make sure your deck list is ready before the event. Judges will be checking the lists and players may be penalized for an incomplete or incorrect deck list.

You can use The Deck List Generator at to help speed up this process and give the judges they’ll easily be able to read. If you prefer to hand-write your decklist, you can download a blank form directly from WotC.


Tournaments are run at Competitive REL (Rules Enforcement Level). If you have any questions about game-play or believe your opponent is doing something wrong, CALL A JUDGE. Two judges will be on-hand to field any questions and enforce all tournament rules.



While we’ll be more than happy to sell you anything you forgot, it’s a good idea to bring anything you may need including sleeves, tokens, and counters.

Food / Drink

Snacks and drinks will be for sale during the event. There are several restaurants within walking distance of the shop including El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant, Napoli’s Pizza, and fast food of all varieties. We don’t mind people eating at the store; all we ask is that you be mindful of other players and that you clean up after yourself. If you’re eating something extra smelly like a deluxe onion burger with extra Limburger, it’s probably best if you keep that thing outside.

Rounds will start at 50 minute intervals (plus bonus time for long matches) and there’s typically a break after the cut to top 8.

Be cool. Have fun.

Win with humility, lose with grace, and do both with dignity. Please be respectful to all the other players. Have a good time! Enjoy playing!


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